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Our site is a blog about personal musical experiences, vision of rock music, of electric guitars and acoustic guitars. Also it is about how to play the guitar, without being a guitar tutorial website. However the former website included its publisher playing some songs and presenting the guitar tabs of the songs he played in a step by step way.

Guitar tabs

Guitar tabs are a form of musical notation, where the music is not represented by notes but by a guitar neck and the positions where you should put your fingers on.

Guitar tabs are very popular among young guitar players, because they offer a free way of studying melodies without putting too much effort on really studying. Plus that for this you don’t need to have a great ear, while when trying to figure out a song by ear, you really need a good sense of music.

Guitar tabs became very popular in the last years, there are a lot of websites around publishing for free large collection of free guitar tabs and this made the music industry angry.

In the last period of time, 2 of the largest musical businesses team together to close the sites distributing free guitar tabs. Some of the big sites were already closed others are threatened by the music industry. However, I don’t think that electric guitar tabs or acoustic tabs will disappear from the internet, I just think there will be some fight over them and it will settle somehow. For the moment, the fight still goes on since a few years since there are money involved, at least from the point of view of the music industry, and honestly, because the traffic it generates, the sites are not doing bad either.

When reading this musical notation, it does not matter if you play the electric guitar or the acoustic guitar, it is the same, it depends on the melody you play. This is also true for classical notation. Until they will shut down the sites I am speaking about or they will let them free, enjoy as much music you can and learn it in a classical way. You would be surprised how many electric guitar players have classical studies in their “job paper”. Do you think that they are just cool guys playing the guitar? Well, most of them are people that studied a lot.

Blue electric guitars

It is very interesting that people search specifically for blue guitars, more than for any other color.

I know that the color is a matter of decision in most cases, and of course, man, even more than woman, when it is about cars or electric guitars put a lot of importance on colors. So…why not search for blue guitars for sale, electric or acoustic?!!

Actually when you refer to the color you speak about the color of the body only? I would consider also as being blue related a guitar that has wood color but a blue pickguard and pickups. Or white with blueish guard and pickups.

And also what type of blue are we speaking about? Because when we speak about the Randy Rhoads’ model above we speak about a kind, while if we speak about Fender models, they usually use an other shade of blue. So?

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